Draft the floor plan and plan the structural changes

Determine the budget and financing

Get inspiration in bathroom exhibition spaces

Determine your desired style of furnishings

Define the desired usage options

Plan the wall and floor coverings



Consult a renovation professional, bathroom planner or architect

Have the existing installations for the water, heating and electrical system checked by an expert

Coordinate the bathroom furnishing with an expert

Select the products together with an expert

Obtain offers and prepare a comparison of services

Have a new bathroom drafted

Plan the wall and floor coverings


Define lighting concept

Check the energy and water-saving options

Consider the insulation and sound insulation

Plan sufficient ventilation

Consider the ease of product care

Plan age-appropriate or barrier free access

Consider wellness factor



Define the schedule and coordination of all the work with an expert

Subsequently calculate the change requests during the implementation

Check the careful and professional performance of all the work during the acceptance process

Check the functions of all products and observe the care instructions

Manage the warranty numbers or register with the manufacturers in the Internet

Consider wellness factor


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