Variable and easy to clean



The Bella Vita 3 one-part sliding door by Duscholux is an especiallyadaptable variant from the proven shower screen series. It is available asa shower enclosure for recesses at ground level or as a variant for thebathtub. An additional side element even makes a corner installation on thebathtub possible. Large rollers and high-quality materials ensure a quietfunctioning of the glass element, which can be variably placed into therecess. The elegant upper profile covers the innovative glass guide andemphasizes the linearity of the shower enclosure series.


The smooth-running sliding door has a secure magnetic closure on thefitting side and is equipped with a damped automatic retraction feature forgentle opening and closing. Particularly practical: It is flexible in its positioningand extremely easy to clean, because the sliding glass surface offershandy access to the fittings at all times.


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