Allegra SWING DOOR in recess


Allegra SWING DOOR in recess



Robust materials and clever technical details – this is what makes the new Allegra framed shower enclosure range stand out. Harmonious design and easy to maintain: The smooth glass surfaces are easy to clean, aided by a clever swinging mechanism on the lower section. Solid materials, high-quality finish, long-lasting functionality. Also included: Allegra standard glass protection. Most of the water simply runs off, residues can be cleaned off easier. Easy cleaning coupled with the durable charm of a branded shower enclosure - this is Allegra.


  • Width until 1000 mm
  • Thickness of glass 6 mm VST
  • Height up to 2000 mm
  • Swing doors with lifting/lowering mechanism
  • CareTec glass coating as standard


  • 751: TSG clear with CareTec 751: TSG clear with CareTec
  • Colour of profile silver matt 070 Colour of profile silver matt 070

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