CORDOBA FREE-LINE 534 Hexagonal bathtub 2000 x 850 mm


CORDOBA FREE-LINE 534 Hexagonal bathtub 2000 x 850 mm



The bathroom as a living, experiential space for your feeling of wellbeing. Bathroom enjoyment with style and intelligence as reflected in the attractive Cordoba design variants. Good functioning is also guaranteed: spacious, comfortable shower zones give you great scope for movement - the perfect synthesis of beauty and function. Super-flat inner depth dimensions for easy entry, in other words comfort and safety. Yet another comfort feature.


  • 4 - 5 mm sanitary acrylic, GFK reinforded
  • Color: white
  • Internal depth 455 mm


  • CPL 1 Air CPL 1 Air
  • CPL 5 Air + Jet CPL 5 Air + Jet

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