• New standards for free-standing shower partitions. Held in place with a floor-integrated retaining bar and a slim wall profile, the shower enclosure gets by without the need for additional attachments, thus ensuring maximum transparency and a modern feel. The choice of clear glass, tinted glass or a full-length or partial satin effect provide additional design flexibility.
DLight Air
  • Almost free-standing in the room. Offers you a coloured light program with individual effects for any atmosphere. And astounds with standard motifs accentuated by projected LED lighting in a way that excites. No question: The new DLight Air design with its integrated LED light strip offers new possibilities for the design of relaxing bathrooms. This is because alongside its functional use as a secure walk-in shower wall, depending on its equipment and motif, it can be used as a unique object providing an additional source of light or as a decorative privacy screen. This opens up new possibilities for all who do not want to miss out on the ability to apply your own personal style even in the bathroom.


  • Width until 1500 mm
  • Height up to 2200 mm
  • Thickness of glass 10 mm VST
  • No need for a cross-member for stabilisation
  • Complete RGB colour selection
  • Controller to set the colour, brightness, colour change and frequency
  • LEDs with 24 V low voltage supply
  • Total power consumption 36 W - low power use
  • A receiver with remote control is available as an alternative to the wall-mounted controller


  • 604: TSG optiwhite glass clear 604: TSG optiwhite glass clear
  • 804: TSG optiwhite clear with CareTec 804: TSG optiwhite clear with CareTec

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