FJORD SHOWER TRAY 7 different dimensions


FJORD SHOWER TRAY 7 different dimensions



A convincing development for the modern bathroom:
The Fjord shower tray is installed flush with the floor and is made of coloured mineral casting, it has a unique, eye-catching design. Particularly striking is the drain system via a small channel across the width of the tray. It has a cover in the same colour as the tray which makes it special, as it is invisible to the user. The tray rim and width of the channel are matched to each other, this produces a particularly harmonious appearance.


  • 12 mm full coloured mineral cast
  • For floor-level installation
  • Dimensions:

    900 x 900 x 18mm
    1000 x 900 x 20mm
    1000 x 1000 x 20mm
    1200 x 900 x 26mm
    1200 x 1000 x 26mm
    1400 x 900 x 31mm
    1400 x 1000 x 31mm

  • Colours:

    001: White
    220: Grey sky
    221: Brown sand
    229: Black galaxy

  • Internal depth 18 - 31 mm

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