MALAGA 471 Corner bathtub asymmetrical 1750 x 1100 mm


MALAGA 471 Corner bathtub asymmetrical 1750 x 1100 mm



Generous dimensions and interior depths to lie down in. Malaga corner baths - a great space to dream and relax. Revel in bathing comfort in elegant surroundings and take pleasure in the intelligently designed accessories. All baths can be equipped with various whirlpool systems. Attractive design feature: the optional apron with aluminium trimming. Adding beauty to every bathroom. The elegant interior form has everything, both in comfort when lying down, or in its integrated areas for seating and for placing objects.


  • 4 - 5 mm sanitary acrylic, GFK reinforded
  • Color: white
  • Internal depth 450 mm
  • Panel optional


  • CPL 1 Air CPL 1 Air

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