Dear Sir or Madam

Due to the current situation regarding the corona crisis, we have recently been asked more and more frequently whether we will maintain our production as well as our services.

At present, production as well as sales and administration are continuing without serious restrictions. Consultation, dimensioning and installation can be carried out where the currently applicable protective measures can be guaranteed for our customers and employees.

Like all companies, we are closely monitoring the dangers relating to the spread of the coronavirus and reacting with appropriate measures. In addition to the disinfection and hygiene measures, which have now been extended as a matter of course, we try to minimise personal contact between individual employees. Employees in sales and administration partly work in the home office. Production employees are required to maintain the defined safety distances. Meetings are held by telephone or video conference. We can ensure availability and readiness for delivery in accordance with our pandemic plan.

With a view to the coming weeks, we are "driving on sight" and adapting our measures to the prevailing conditions. As long as it is possible for us, we intend to maintain operations and be there for you.

We hope that we will all master this challenging situation together, and at this point we wish you first and foremost good health.