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Collection 2 Folding door

Our frameless Collection 2 has no profiles, and its rectangular or round fittings and hinges put the emphasis on clean lines. The elegant handles go beautifully with the large glass elements. Special hinge technology offers maximum flexibility: the practical swing doors can be opened wide inwards and outwards.
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1-leaf, 180° rotatable
2-leaf, 1st part 180°swivel, 2nd part 360°swivel
2-leaf, 1st part fixed, 2nd part 360° tiltable
3-flügelig, 1. Teil fest, 2. und 3. Teil 360° schwenkbar

Bella Vita 3 Sliding door

Bella Vita 3 combines puristic grace with maximum functionality and astonishing variety of variants. Their generous dimensions and high-quality materials enable individual room designs. Bella Vita 3 can be easily integrated into both large and small bathrooms. Bella Vita 3 is available in various door and glass variants. A brand new feature is the sliding door version with its innovative glass guide.
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in recess
1-part for combination with side panel
in niche, 2-part
in niche, 2-part
in niche, 4 parts
4-part for combination with side panel

Holydoor Top (Bella Vita C) Bathtub Fallwalls

Our Holydoor Top (Bella Vita C) for bathtubs are two- or three-panel versions, and there is a practical lift system available: for showering, just lower it securely onto the edge of the tub and then fold it back against the wall when you have finished to save space. A 180° hinge on the wall connection means the glass can be cleaned outside the tub.
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180° swinging, 2-panelled
180° swinging, 3-panelled
180° swinging, 3-panelled with lift-function

Swing Moderna Bathtub Fallwalls

Wenn der Platz im Bad für eine separate Dusche fehlt, verwandelt Swing Moderna Ihre Wanne in eine komfortable Duschlösung. Bei der transparenten Duschwand mit der abgerundeten Glaskante haben wir auf dezentes und schlankes Design geachtet. Deshalb passt Swing Moderna in jedes Bad.

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