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Collection 2 Swing door

Variant C2L 6
Standard with square hinges: square handle
Standard with oval hinges: oval handle
Optional handle 752293 (outside as towelrail)
Optional with wall connection profile
Towel rail 402304*
Glass thickness 6 - 8 mm
Lift- an lowering mechanism

Technical information

  • Width until 2000 mm
  • Height up to 2100 mm
  • Thickness of glass 8 mm (side panel), 6 mm (door panel)
  • 360° hing 360° hinge for swinging door leavese on swing door panel
  • Wide range of custom installation options and sizes


Weiß Glanz
Platinum Silber Glanz
Silber Matt


Fine Satin
Partial Fine Satin
Clear with CareTec Pro
Satin with CareTec Pro
Carbon with CareTec Pro
Partial Satin with CareTec Pro
Mirror with CareTec Pro