Endless creative freedom

PanElle Graphics

In modern bathrooms, individuality is key. That is why DUSCHOLUX has added four new PanElle Graphics patterns to its PanElle wall panelling range. They are inspired by hip architectural trends and add new touches to your bathroom design. The key detail here is the intensity: you can determine the degree of transparency yourself with a choice of four gradations. This way, you can achieve individual and surprising effects.

PanElle Individual

With PanElle Individual, you can redesign your bathroom with virtually no compromises. You can choose from standard colours, RAL colours specially made for you or personal photographic motifs. With PanElle Design’s various patterns, you can deliberately add a few architectural touches and transform the ambiance of a room.


Photo printing

Transforming your bathroom into an architectural novelty couldn’t be easier thanks to photo printing. You can choose one of our stunning Duscholux image motifs or go for your very own personal photo. PanElle allows you to design your wall in a particularly free and flexible way. The result is always unique – and sets the scene for an individual feel-good atmosphere in your bathroom.

PanElle Trend

PanElle Trend offers a natural-looking tactile surface in six decorative styles. In this case, the name speaks for itself – if you love contrasting materials or deliberately like to add special touches, Trend is a stylish and modern solution.

PanElle Objects

We developed PanElle Objects specifically with larger orders and residential facilities in mind. The panels, available in nine colours, are significantly wider and taller as standard, with a thinner acrylic coating. This reduces the mirror effect – and the costs.

PanElle MediCare

With PanElle MediCare, we offer strict hygiene standards for sensitive areas. The acrylic and vinyl panels have permanently active antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and are resistant to chemicals.