Shower floors

Sure footing on level ground.
Impressively hygienic and elegant.

Modern bathrooms are open, inviting and bright. Floorlevel showers are enjoying great popularity: Without a threshold, they are also safe and convenient for older people. DUSCHOLUX has a full range of floor-level shower floors. They offer a significant advantage in comparison to tiled floors: They have no joints and thanks to their smooth, yet non-slip, surface, are easy to clean.

Savona Rectangular shower floor

With Savona, we’re offering a shower tray made from the new DUSCHOLUX Bestone material, in keeping with Formia. The drain is concealed under a rectangular cover made from stainless steel or in the same colour as the tray. The Savona, which is fitted flush with the floor, is available in many standard sizes or can be cut to the desired size.
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Shower floor

Fjord Rectangular shower floor

Our Fjord shower floor, which is fitted flush with the floor, offers a unique design based on a solid-colour cast mineral material: water drains away via a narrow channel across the width of the tray. As the cover is the same colour as the tray, this drain arrangement is invisible. The edge of the tray and the width of the channel are nicely tailored to each other.
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Shower floor

Free Base 2 Rectangular shower floor

You can combine our ultra-flat Free Base 2 shower trays with almost any shower enclosure. With 17 standard sizes and elegant, understated lines, the range made of sanitary acrylic is perfect for barrier-free installations fitted flush with the floor. Free Base 2 can also cope easily with large shower installations or challenging spatial arrangements.
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Ancona Rectangular shower floor

Rectangular shower floors remain something of a classic. And this is why Ancona made of sanitary acrylic offers a wide variety of sizes and designs to suit almost any installation scenario. Whether in niches, corners, or simply installed against the wall – Ancona allows you to implement your individual shower solution with little effort.
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Malaga Round shower floor

Round shower floors are used where space is limited. Malaga is available in two sizes and made of durable sanitary acrylic.
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