Special shower wall to meet individual customer requirements.

The Joss family lives in the Thun region and occupies an older detached house in rural surroundings. In 2019, the family decided to renovate the house to increase not only its value but also the pleasure of the property. There was an unusual request for the wet area. A 3.3 m² shower enclosure, opaque and in the colour white green (RAL 6019). DUSCHOLUX accepted the challenge and implemented a solution.

Protection of privacy

Planning a shower is usually based on your personal ideas and cannot always be realised with standard products. The Joss family, for example, is committed to privacy. The glass was also to shine white-green and be opaque. Based on these wishes, the bathroom manufacturer DUSCHOLUX designed a shower enclosure that meets both requirements.

In order to inhibit glass transparency, satin glass (milk glass) is often used. However, these glasses are neither opaque nor are they available in the desired colour.

Striving for new solutions

Other newly conceived ideas were therefore necessary to meet the customer’s requirements. The professionals have developed a shower enclosure based on the laminated safety glass principle. Two 5 mm thick clear glass panels were printed on the inside and thus made opaque.

In a second step, an adhesive film placed between the two glasses secured them in place. The resulting composite is a 10 mm thick and 85 kg heavy shower enclosure that safeguards privacy and at the same time has the desired colour tone.

Key data on the project

Client: Joss family, Thun region, Switzerland

Scope of delivery: A special shower wall, width 1´600 and height 2´040 mm

Practical feature: Two 5 mm thick glasses, both screen-printed on the inside, guarantee an opaque, even colouring in RAL 6019.

Date of implementation: October 2019 by DUSCHOLUX Badmanufaktur