Cleaning & care

At DUSCHOLUX, we want to ensure that your experience with our shower walls is characterised by the highest quality and durability. For this reason, all our products are given an individual guarantee number, which can be found under the DUSCHOLUX clip on your shower wall. This number is the key to our comprehensive customer service.

Long-term satisfaction with a 10-year re-purchase guarantee

For wearing parts such as water repellent profiles and sealing strips, we offer you a generous 10-year re-purchase guarantee. We want to ensure that you can enjoy your shower wall for many years to come without having to worry about spare parts.

Easier cleaning thanks to the water-repellent properties of CareTec Pro®

Our CareTec® Pro glass finishing allows limescale and dirt to simply roll off your shower wall, reducing cleaning effort and sustainably reducing annual drinking water consumption. We also guarantee 5 years of easy cleaning and 10 years of protection against glass corrosion. With these simple tips, you will enjoy your shower wall for a long time:

Do not use glass wipers: With our special coating, you can do without a glass wiper. If necessary and depending on the water hardness, simply remove limescale deposits with a microfibre cloth.

Regularly wipe the profiles dry: To keep your shower wall in the best condition, we recommend that you also regularly wipe the profiles dry with a microfibre cloth.

Avoid certain cleaning agents: Please do not use alkaline solutions, acids, fluoride-containing agents, cleaning or abrasive cleaners or sharp metal objects to clean your shower wall. These can damage the surface and impair the protective coating.

Maximum ease of cleaning with CareTec coated shower walls

The water-repellent properties of CareTec make cleaning the glass much easier. After removing the water, limescale residues can be removed much more easily.


Practical tips for shower wall care without glass finishing

After every shower, we recommend removing the glass with a glass wiper and then drying it with a soft cloth. For additional protection and easier cleaning, we recommend our anti-limescale set. This coating for shower glasses creates a strong water and dirt-repellent surface that makes it difficult for limescale and dirt deposits to adhere. This keeps your shower wall clean and well-maintained for longer.


Silicone joints at a glance

If silicone joints are visible, we recommend that you inspect them every few years for cracks and discolouration. If you notice any irregularities, please contact us or your installer.

Impermeability to splash water

The design of the shower wall and the shower floor determine the degree of impermeability to splash water. The rule of thumb is quite simple: the stronger and more solid the profiles, the more watertight they are.

But no matter whether it's a shower wall with a pronounced profile or a frameless all-glass shower wall, all shower walls from DUSCHOLUX fulfil the technical requirements for impermeability to splash water. The following applies to the design of the shower floor: the deeper and more pronounced the interior, the more watertight it will be when showering.

Frameless shower wall

Frameless shower walls offer good splash protection. But because they have no profile along the bottom edge, splash water can escape more easily. This is more than made up for by their unsurpassed transparency, exclusivity and ease of cleaning.

Reduced-frame shower wall

They offer very effective sealing. The slimline profile largely prevents splash water from leaking out while giving the shower wall a light, airy feel.

Framed shower wall

With a pronounced profile, they have particularly good sealing properties. The higher the lower cross profile is designed, the less water - even accumulated water - can penetrate to the outside.