The Lab Hotel Thun - Spend the night in the hotel of the future.

What will the hotel room of tomorrow look like? Which innovations work? What is feasible and also financially viable? What is being booked? What do the customers want? These are questions that DUSCHOLUX also has to face in order to be able to offer first-class bathroom and shower solutions for the demanding hotel sector. Reason enough, then, for a cooperation with “The Lab Hotel”, the ambitious project run by the Hotel Management School in Thun, to answer such questions together.

The hotel management school's programme offers students the opportunity to experiment with new and their own ideas, to develop room and service concepts themselves and to observe their effect directly on the guest. Here, the latest techniques and hotel concepts are tested under real conditions. The product developers at DUSCHOLUX love such challenges, as our products exceed the highest expectations in terms of aesthetics, durability and sustainability. And this has been the case for over 50 years.

In addition to new hotel rooms, serviced flats, work spaces and the trendy bar, the “lab rooms” form the core of The Lab Hotel and thus the interfaces between the hotel industry, the sector and education. Each of the rooms is unique, wheelchair accessible - and some are so visionary that they are truly dreams of the future. This gives DUSCHOLUX and other industry partners the opportunity to test and evaluate innovations, prototypes or services under real conditions throughout the entire digital or analogue guest journey and to incorporate the results back into product development.

Lab Room Future Hotelier

In this lab room, the guests encounter the fresh thoughts and creative ideas of the future hoteliers, who can implement and try out their ideas one-to-one. The Air shower wall was selected together with DUSCHOLUX to match these ideas. The spatial concepts of these lab rooms change continuously with changing themes.

Lab Room Smart

Everything is organised digitally here: Automated check-in and check-out, personal comfortable temperature, sensor-controlled lighting, intelligent blinds and even the desired bed furnishings. In the particularly clever Smart lab room, the RoboButler delivers drinks, snacks and probably even a new toothbrush. Smart is the hotel room for the open-minded and tech-savvy guest. Our Viva shower wall with swing door and side panel in front is the perfect match.

Lab Room Swissness

The entire equipment of the hotel room consists exclusively of Swiss products. From the wood to the textiles used. Swissness is both a trend and a tradition at the same time. That's why this lab room combines craftsmanship and modern technology. Who knows whether one understands Switzerland better after a night in a thoroughly Swiss lab room? We know that the two-part Bella Vita 3 Plus sliding door in a niche more than meets the requirements of the Swissness concept.