PanElle. Different from all the rest.

You’d like to transform your home without all the dirt, dust and lengthy renovation work? No problem! The DUSCHOLUX PanElle wall panelling system offers a simple alternative to conventional tiles. PanElle can simply be glued to the existing base surface and easily adapted to the existing architecture. It's quick to work with, and you’ll be impressed by the wide range of colours, motifs and textured surfaces.

Features. This is what makes PanElle different from all the rest.

  • Instead of aluminium composite materials, we use rigid foam board with a high-quality acrylic glass front, a textured surface or genuine natural stone.
  • Our panels come in three thicknesses: 6, 9 mm or 11 mm
  • Choose from a wide range of surfaces. Choose from 13 Individual colours, 8 Graphics patterns, 5 Designs patterns, 6 Haptics patterns, 2 Natural stone panels, 9 Objects patterns and PanElle MediCare.
  • For bespoke requests, our photo printing process offers 195 RAL colours or customers’ individual motifs.
  • PanElle requires few or no joints. If desired, however, joint appearance be enhanced with elegant profile pieces.
  • With its seal system, PanElle ensures that the requirements of the DIN 18531–18535 series of standards are met easily and quickly. So there's no need to worry about damp surprises.
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Clean and quiet installation.

Less dirt during fitting and use. PanElle can be glued to existing tiles, transforming unattractive old interiors in the blink of an eye. Cutting the panels is easy – all you need is a saw. Without a single joint to attract dirt, they require significantly less cleaning.

As a bonus, any residual asbestos can be sealed in without the need for expensive removal work.

Adaptable and visually elegant.

The core of PanElle consists of a rigid foam panel. This acts as an adaptable base material, to which a high-quality acrylic layer, stone, or a Haptics surface is bonded. 6 mm panels are suitable for spaces with an even base surface. Uneven surfaces with prominent corners or edges can be levelled out with 11 mm panels.

Overview of patterns.

PanElle photo printing

Bringing your four walls to life. PanElle photo printing makes it possible. The wall panelling system is printed with your favourite image in high quality. The acrylic overlay gives the image extra depth and adds a strikingly personal touch to the room. Whether it’s family memories or just a motif you really like, make a picture of it with PanElle photo printing.

PanElle Designs

PanElle Individual

PanElle adapts to your colour and design requirements in ways that tiles cannot, in the blink of eye. Walls with a “Wow” factor can be created with RAL colours or by using Graphics or Designs prints with a contemporary look.

PanElle Graphics

PanElle Stone



PanElle Haptics

PanElle Haptics plays with interesting surface textures to create surprising tactile sensations.

Hygienic and easy to clean.

Standard panel dimensions of 1,000 x 2,500 mm mean that there are only a very small number of joints or profile connections. Joints are filled with silicone in a matching colour, and slim aluminium profiles are available in matt or gloss finish. With only a small number of vertical joints, PanElle is significantly more hygienic and easier to clean than grouted tiles.

Sealing compliant with DIN 18531–18535.

Our elastic seal system for PanElle can be glued on and grouted immediately after application. This guarantees long-lasting protection from moisture and professional-quality structural waterproofing. The system also includes soundproofing and has been tested by the German building authorities for use in combination with other components. The PanElle seal system enables the requirements of the DIN 18531–18535 series of standards to be met easily and quickly.

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