A new spatial experience.

With the modular room-in-room solution from DUSCHOLUX.

System 210 - Creativity with a system.

In recent decades, the concept of space has changed dramatically. Rooms have long been much more than a volume delimited by vertical and horizontal elements. They are a social product, a social process. People are not only users, they are space owners and designers. Its ratio determines the function and size of the room.

Modular solutions

Creative concepts such as tiny houses, micro-apartments and modular living spaces are entering the market. They use the remaining spaces in between the increasingly densely populated urban areas. The structure of these concepts is mostly modular and tailored to the needs of the space owners. Your individual wishes are taken into account as early as during the design phase. In this way, stress-free spaces are created within the densely populated areas that are as individual as the users themselves.

Multiple requirements

Hotels must offer their guests much more than just the ability to slow down. They are also an experience space, co-working space, cabaret stage and much more. Furthermore, they should enable networking with, for example, innovative neighbourhood concepts. With this diversity of roles and possibilities, the demands on their architecture and design are also growing.

Room-in-room solutions, such as DUSCHOLUX System 210, help architects to develop flexible spatial concepts. System 210 adapts effortlessly to the changing aesthetic needs of the room owners. At the same time, it meets the highest design standards and enables individual surface design - without traditional drywall solutions or special products from the glazier. This means almost without any lasting interventions in the building physics.


  • Partially framed room-in-room solution as an alternative to drywall solutions.
  • Glass thickness 8 mm (stationary parts), 6 mm (door parts)
  • Profile colour Chrome Glossy, Silver Matt and Black Matt
  • Profile can be customised with PanElle or real wood decor
  • Extensible, modular room system
  • Swing doors open inwards and outwards
  • 15 millimetre adjustment range at the wall interface
  • Glass-glass connections sealed with silicone or with profile
  • Silicone-sealed floor interface
  • Slimline magnetic closure made of aluminium
  • Glass holder with pressfit technology
  • No visible fittings
  • Ceiling-independent installation
  • Barrier-free access
  • DUSCHOLUX CareTec® Pro glass finishing optionally available
  • Height up to 2500 mm

Planning and design reliability

No concealed profile, no ceiling connection, no prior insertion of anchor points: DUSCHOLUX System 210 is only connected to the wall with screws. This means that individual room solutions can be realised with planning and construction reliability - in just a few hours, even after the construction work has been completed. Its three components enable countless types of shoring. A decisive factor for hotels whose floor plans are to meet different demands.

Countless possibilities

Depending on the desired feeling of space, the wide selection of glasses enables the perfect balance between privacy and tangible room size. The wide range of colours and materials, from chrome to real wood, provides the perfect setting for any spatial concept. There are no limits to creativity. Whether room, junior suite, loft or attic.

Simple assembly process

DUSCHOLUX System 210 consists of a few individual components. It thus facilitates the design of individual spatial concepts and shortens the installation time. The diversity of the modular system makes it comparable to handmade individual solutions from the glazier.

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The “Hive-Inn City Hotel”

Designs such as the “Hive-Inn City Hotel” make this clear: Modular constructions are far more than a short-term hype. The design by the architecture firm “OVA Studio” from Hong Kong relies on shipping containers that are designed as fully equipped hotel rooms. These containers are arranged around a lattice tower, which serves as the infrastructural backbone of the convertible construction. It supplies the residential modules with electricity and water and also contains the stairs and lifts of the hotels. If one of the guests is travelling, they can even take their hotel room with them if they wish. A concept that corresponds to social developments in many respects.