Old things can surprise you

The principle of PanElle is simple: little effort, big impact. The result is always unique – and sets the scene for a personalised feel-good atmosphere in your bathroom.

As an expert in high-quality bathrooms, we think in terms of sustainability. That’s why we’re happy to help you when you want to renovate your bathroom or give it a fresh feel. Our clever PanElle wall panelling system is a surprisingly simple solution to this issue – PanElle can quickly transform your bathroom into an inspiring, brand-new room, without the dirt or construction noise.

Simply well designed

The rigid foam panels coated with scratch-resistant acrylic can simply be mounted onto the existing surface – without long periods of renovation work. The modular system can therefore effortlessly adapt to your individual requirements – perfect for those who just can’t wait to live in pleasant surroundings. And the best thing is, PanElle’s seamless surface makes cleaning much easier too.

PanElle is available in a variety of colours and designs and you can even get a luminous version on request. Discover our new PanElle Graphics and PanElle Stone products As the name Stone suggests, these feature natural stone panels. Each piece is always unique and really comes into its own in modern bathrooms with high design demands.