Data Protection Regulations of Duscholux (Switzerland) AG regarding the Use of Duscholux Portals

Data protection and data security are major priorities for Duscholux. Therefore the protection of personal data during all business processes is also very important.

This declaration on data protection explains which information we record when you visit our website and how this information is used.

Our website and marketing emails may contain links to offers from third parties. Duscholux has no influence on how other providers on linked websites deal with the information displayed on these sites. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact these third parties directly. We are not responsible for upholding the data protection regulations in relation to these websites or for their content.

By using this website, you declare yourself to be in agreement with the data recorded about you being processed in the manner and for the purpose described hereinafter.

1. Collecting and saving customer data

When a customer visits the Duscholux portal, the following customer data may be required, which Duscholux collects and saves:

  • Customer data arised when using Duscholux Internet access

  • Customer data arised when using the Duscholux portal (e.g. web pages that customers visit when using a Duscholux portal, or responses by customers to offers from Duscholux and/or third parties are shown on the Duscholux portal);

  • Non-personal data arised due to technical processes when using the Duscholux portal, and Internet protocol addresses / IP addresses;

  • Personal data and other data that customers disclose when taking part in prize draws or the like on the Duscholux portal;

  • Responses from customers to offers submitted by Duscholux by email, letter or telephone or in the Duscholux Shop.

Regarding the use of availability data, particularly customer email address/addresses, and the content of messages sent and received by customers, please note:

E-Mail-addresses: Duscholux does not forward email addresses to third parties without the express permission of the customer. If customers nevertheless receive unsolicited advertisements (known as spam) from third parties at Duscholux addresses (e.g., their email addresses must have been made available to the respective sender by other means.

Duscholux will neither forward to third parties nor exploit emails, etc. This does not apply, however, if there are educated indications to illegitimate usage of a Duscholux Internet service. If such misuse is reported by an aggrieved party or an authority or ascertained by a legally binding judgment, Duscholux reserves the right to disclose the data connected to the misuse by the suspected customer to the aggrieved party or the responsible authority.

2. Use and transfer of personal data

Duscholux processes customer data in order to provide its services. Duscholux customers agree to Duscholux being able to process their data for the following purposes within the Duscholux Group.

  • to fulfil its contractual obligations and to guarantee its high quality of service,

  • to maintain and develop relations with its customers,

  • to maintain the security of its operations and the infrastructure of Duscholux,

  • to issue invoices,

  • to carry out necessary work to maintain and develop Duscholux Internet services,

  • to make customised offers by Duscholux and/or selected partner operations to customers (i.e. one-to-one marketing).

Duscholux will reveal data to public authorities only if this becomes compulsory. Our employees are under obligation to maintain confidentiality.

3. Business relations with third parties

In order to execute business processes in an optimal manner, it is necessary for certain Duscholux customer data to be processed by third parties. Duscholux uses third party web analysis services* to evaluate the usage of the Duscholux portal and may also cooperate with a direct marketing company as part of its own marketing activities. This means that these partner companies may consult customer data and process it accordingly. Information generated by these web analysis services regarding the usage of our website (including IP addresses), e.g. via cookies or serial numbers, can be transferred to and saved on servers in third countries.

Duscholux ensures that contracted third parties are under the same obligations to maintain confidentiality as Duscholux itself. Duscholux places third parties under obligation to process data exclusively in the same way as Duscholux is permitted to do and forwards only such data to third parties for processing as is necessary to fulfil its contractual obligations.

4. Links to third parties

The Duscholux website may contain links to offers from third parties. When selecting these providers, Duscholux pays particular attention to high quality standards. Duscholux has no influence on how these providers deal with the customer data collected on their own websites. Duscholux is therefore not responsible for the observance of data protection regulations by the providers linked to the Duscholux portal.

5. Cross-border disclosure of data

Duscholux will disclose data abroad only if this is necessary for the provision of services. Duscholux will agree by contract (guarantees) with the relevant recipient of the data that data protection laws will be observed and that data protection will be safeguarded.

Duscholux takes the necessary steps to ensure that third parties adhere to the guarantees and data protection regulations.

6. Cookies

In order to structure the offers in a way that best meets customers' needs, Duscholux uses cookies in certain cases. A cookie is a small file which is sent from the web server to the customer's Internet browser and saved in the customer's computer.

By using cookies, Duscholux is able to recognise the customer's computer again the next time the customer visits the Duscholux portal. By doing so it can ensure, for example, that customers do not have to re-enter details already provided previously or register anew for a Duscholux Internet service on each and every visit. Duscholux specifically does not use cookies to collect information on customers' computers (i.e. spyware) or to display advertisements while customers are not connected to the Internet or when they are surfing outside portals that belong to Duscholux (i.e. adware).

Cookies are also used for Duscholux Internet services to allow Duscholux to recognise identities saved by customers who register for a Duscholux Internet service (login / password).

Customers can decide to waive the advantages of cookies. They can set their browser so that a warning appears on the screen before a cookie is saved or so that it becomes impossible to implement cookies. Cookies that have already been used can be removed. However, certain services provided by Duscholux and/or third parties can no longer be used in these cases.

Duscholux authorises partner companies that provide services on behalf of Duscholux or are linked to the Duscholux portal to use cookies, provided that this is technically necessary and that the application of these cookies is proportionate. Duscholux has no influence on the use of cookies outside the Duscholux portal.

7. Freedom of information

Upon receiving a request in writing, Duscholux will inform a customer which customer data about him or her is saved (e.g. name, address).

8. Security

We have taken extensive safety and operational precautions to protect your personal data held by us from unauthorised access and misuse. Our safety procedures are checked regularly and adapted in accordance with technological advances.

9. Agreement by customers and changes to the data protection regulations

As a user of the Duscholux portal, customers agree to allow Duscholux to collect and save customer data for the purposes mentioned in accordance with the above Duscholux regulations. Duscholux reserves the right to modify these data protection regulations at any time. The data protection regulations in force at any particular time shall be those published on the Duscholux portal at the time. Users who are interested in these regulations are therefore requested to check regularly the Duscholux data protection regulations. By continuing to use the Duscholux portals, customers agree to the Duscholux data protection regulations that are in force at the time.