For us, sustainability is not just a concept, it is part of our identity. As a family business, we also feel committed to the next generations and have made sustainable action an integral part of our everyday lives. In doing so, we also strive to think ecologically beyond our products and align the entire value chain with the goal of creating a better future. Since 2016 we have therefore been certified as ISO 14001 compliant for successful environmental management.


We keep an eye on the entire life cycle of our products. This begins long before production at our suppliers, 90% of whom come from Europe. We maintain long-term relationships with them. The manufacturing process at DUSCHOLUX is as environmentally-friendly and resource-saving as possible. We have optimised our logistical processes and thus considerably reduce the expenditure for packaging materials and transport. 

We think long-term. Our products are timeless and of such high quality that they will be a pleasure for decades to come. In addition, we offer an after-sales guarantee for spare parts for 10 years beyond the change of range. We focus on lasting values and are an ideal partner for sustainable construction.

Recycling has been a matter of course for us for many years. This ranges from production stages to packaging material and even so far that we dismantle old shower enclosures at the customer's and recycle them as well.


We are committed to our employees. As a manufacturing company, we are responsible for their health and safety take this very seriously. We offer optimal working conditions and support each employee individually - for example through in-house language lessons, health weeks and, of course, specific further training. The satisfaction of our staff is the basis for our success. This is why we maintain an open corporate culture in which we promote the exchange of knowledge, provide opportunities for further training and facilitate efficient, cross-border cooperation. We look outside the box. Integration and equal opportunities are among our principles. For many years we have been successfully cooperating with a workshop for the disabled, which supports us with larger shipping orders or in the area of assembly work.

Ecological renovation

Our company headquarters in Thun was renovated. We are saving energy by insulating the façade, replacing the windows and installing LED lamps. When selecting the materials, we are paying attention to environmental friendliness and cooperating as far as possible with local craft businesses.


DUSCHOLUX has already achieved much in terms of sustainability. We want to become even better in the future. We are looking at how we can further reduce waste during production. We are always on the lookout for environmentally-friendly material alternatives. We will continue to save energy wherever possible. That is our long-term promise.

DUSCHOLUX and SILEA. For a dignified and self-determined life.

It is a sunny day in February 2020. There is a lot of activity at two locations of the SILEA Foundation for Integrated Living and Working. Founded in 1967, SILEA has been providing living and working space for people in need of support for decades. One of the mainstays here is the completion of commissioned work. SILEA, for instance, carries out packaging orders for us several times a year, which we could never process ourselves in terms of quantity. We deliver the various shipping materials in a cooperative partnership. Depending on the workload of the various departments, SILEA then organises itself independently and carries out the orders promptly. Read more...

Energy renovation at the headquarters in Thun.

In early 2019, the DUSCHOLUX brand relaunch was presented to a broad public for the first time. We have brought together 50 years of experience as well as contemporary issues and given the brand a new self-image. Read more...