Tailored bathroom solutions.

The bathroom is a magical place and intimate centre of life. Here we come to rest, recharge our batteries and be totally at peace with ourselves. "Express yourself" is especially true here – but only if the desire for individual expression also results in a customised transformation. The highest standards are self-evident in luxury hotels and yacht building, and we surpass these standards with specially developed bathroom solutions. Planners and architects involve us in the planning process at an early stage in order to draw up a harmonious overall concept in close collaboration.

When every detail is right

Individualism requires customisation – from a creative aspect as well as in careful workmanship, in the respectful handling of materials, in the dimensionally accurate design and the intelligent use of digital technologies. It is important to place a high value on people, their needs, the space surrounding them and the history of a building. With an eye for details that do not impose themselves but subtly contribute to well-being.

A striking example of the consistent orientation towards individual needs – in this case, of the guests and the move towards a more understated, but all the more substantial luxury – are first-class hotels.

A hotel like the Botanic Sanctuary in Antwerp rightly belongs to the "Leading Hotels of the World". This is evident in the architectural language that pays respect to the historic complex of monastic buildings, two Michelin-starred restaurants, the 1000 m² Botanic Health Spa & Club area or in the spacious rooms where guests feel comfortable and at home.

Colours, light and surfaces come together to create an atmospheric work of art that also continues in the bathroom. For example, the colour reference of the fitting is also reflected in the walk-in shower from DUSCHOLUX. The sophisticated shower wall was made to measure and thus presents a further example of the high standards of a concept for newly interpreted luxury that has been thought out down to the last detail.