Digital printing

Our shower walls are now also available with a custom motif on the glass. Whether it's a favourite high-resolution photo or a graphic design of your choice – the result is a digital print in brilliant photo quality! Shower walls are increasingly becoming personalised showpieces.


  • Print quality in brilliant colours
  • Your own images in top quality on glass
  • Available in opaque (with white back) or slightly transparent (motif is mirror-inverted on the back)
  • Standard printing up to the edge, full-surface printing or partial printing possible
  • External print on shiny ESG safety glass
  • Printed side durable and fully resistant to cleaning
  • Production after checking the image template and your approval
  • Max. glass size: 2000 x 3000 mm

Suitable for:

  • Products in standard and special sizes
  • DUSCHOLUX Walk-in shower walls (exclusive Allegra 2 and Allegra)
  • DUSCHOLUX side panels
  • DUSCHOLUX swinging/pivot doors
  • All Viva
  • All Collection
  • All Air
  • All Bella Vita

Not suitable for:

  • Allegra shower walls
  • Motifs spread over several pieces of glass
  • Externally applied components (e.g. bonded hand towel holder, handle, etc.)

Important - information required:

  • High-resolution digital photo in .jpg/. png format with at least 300 dpi or graphics/logos/texts in .pdf/.ai/.eps or .jpg/.png file format with at least 300 dpi
  • Where necessary, please provide information on the positioning of the motif.


  • Also highly suitable as a privacy screen behind the shower area.
  • Also covers wall protrusions
  • For your desired motif as a shower back panel, we recommend PanElle photo print.