Energy renovation at the headquarters in Thun.

In early 2019, the DUSCHOLUX brand relaunch was presented to a broad public for the first time. We have brought together 50 years of experience as well as contemporary issues and given the brand a new self-image.

In this context, sustainability is an obligation and goes optimally with the visibility of the new brand. This can best be illustrated at our headquarters. Thanks to extensive renovation work, we now save a quarter on energy costs each year. Within six months the facade was completely renovated by regional partner companies. Specialists removed the old exposed aggregate concrete elements with the aid of a concrete milling machine and lined the exposed area with an additional 25 cm of insulation material.

The windows, which are mainly responsible for the heat and energy loss, were all replaced. During the summer months, it was possible to remove all old windows and replace them with new wood-aluminium windows.

Once the renovation work was completed, the circle was complete and the new brand logo was mounted on the roof in the form of a 9 x 2 m illuminated sign.

Such investments are always worthwhile in terms of sustainability and brand management, but also for employee satisfaction - due to a better indoor climate. We are convinced of this.

You can find out more about sustainability here.