DUSCHOLUX and SILEA. For a dignified and self-determined life.

It is a sunny day in February 2020. There is a lot of activity at two locations of the SILEA Foundation for Integrated Living and Working.

Founded in 1967, SILEA has been providing living and working space for people in need of support for decades. One of the mainstays here is the completion of commissioned work. SILEA, for instance, carries out packaging orders for us several times a year, which we could never process ourselves in terms of quantity. We deliver the various shipping materials in a cooperative partnership. Depending on the workload of the various departments, SILEA then organises itself independently and carries out the orders promptly.

Arranged in a sort of “train”, three people are sitting next to each other at a table at Gwattstrasse 109 on this February morning and are enthusiastically pursuing the rehearsed partial commissions. The C4 envelopes are first provided with a shipping label. The next two hands reach for the inserts and the accompanying letter, after which the envelope is closed at the third and last station. All this takes only a few seconds and soon the whole process starts all over again.

Meanwhile, work at Uttigenstrasse 51 is also very lively. Located in an industrial area, the infrastructure here offers everything required for the performance of mechanical work. There are several dozen people divided into groups, who carry out a wide variety of tasks. One of them is the assembly of shower enclosure hinges for our COLLECTION product world. Sophisticated components are protected from scratches on wooden boards covered with foam. Other parts, which are less susceptible, are waiting in boxes on the table for further processing.

Suddenly there is a click-clack and a marriage is consummated. Two parts are connected by bolts and the actual hinge function is created. This is followed by a fine adjustment using a torque spanner and the hinge is ready for the final work.

Finished, neatly cleaned and polished, we then collect the hinges from SILEA. Only a few kilometres away, these are finally assembled in our factory to form a shower enclosure of the highest quality and shipped all over the world.

Through its vision, the SILEA Foundation makes an enormously important contribution to a dignified and self-determined life for people in need of support. We are equally proud and grateful to have been a partner of this institution for many years.