Tailor-made shower partitions

Most of the Duscholux shower partitions can be produced to individual specifications. The difference may involve the width and/or height of the partition. Truncated corners to be fitted along a ceiling angle or cutting out the glass are also possible. The use of additional profiles also makes it possible to find solutions even for thorny installation situations. Your installer will be able to provide you with more detailed information in this regard.


Replacing sealing strips

These sealing strips are clipped to the glass, without being adhered to it. Thus they can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. The strips are a consumable material which are not covered by guarantee. You can order new strips via your plumbing materials supplier or from Duscholux direct.

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Cleaning and care of your shower partition

  • A moist cloth or a sponge will suffice for regular care, including of products enhanced with CareTec glass finishing.
  • For intensive care, we recommend Duscholux care and cleaning agents (see also the care product range in this price list).
  • Limescale and dirt deposits adhere more firmly the longer they are left. The effort needed for cleaning can be significantly reduced by rinsing off the inside of the glass, first with hot then cold water, after showering and then drying with a squeegee or cloth.
  • CareTec glass finishing reduces the effort needed for cleaning, depending on the hardness of your water. As when you wash your car, even the most thorough job cannot remove all dirt, however it makes regular care substantially easier.

Cleaning and care of your shower partition 




Cleaning and care of your bathtub

The basic principle is the same: Prevent formation of deposits by wiping the bath tub perfectly dry after each use. Acrylic bath tubs from Duscholux resist practically all chemical cleaners. Calcium and contamination deposits can be removed with household vinegar. Any spots and streaks can be removed with methylated spirits. For daily cleaning, using a conventional cleaning agent is sufficient. Never use abrasive cleaning agents. You can also download the most important tips for optimal maintenance and cleaning of shower tubs, bath tubs and whirlpools on our website: Service / care instructions .


Dull spots or minor damage to the bathtub

The acrylic bath and shower tubs from Duscholux are produced from acrylic coloured in the mass. Dull spots and slight scratches can be removed by sanding with a very fine grit sandpaper. When the surface is smooth, it can be polished in this way to provide it with a new gloss. For bath tubs delivered in a matte version, after cleaning the matte effect can be restored with steel wool. For deeper scratches, Duscholux delivers filler material. This must not be used to repair cracks or holes from one side to the other. In such a case, the only solution is to arrange a professional repair.


Glass finishing

Real glass showers require regular care in order to maintain their appearance and function over the course of many years. Together with the Swiss Federal Material Testing and Research Centre, EMPA, Duscholux has developed an innovative finish for glass which significantly simplifies this care requirement. CareTec glass treatment creates a transparent protective film on the surface. This is durable for a long time thanks to the chemical bond to the glass itself. The transparent CareTec coating is not just water and oil-repellent, it also reduces the deposit of limescale, dirt or soap residue on the surface. Comparison values with commercially available products demonstrate the excellent durability and functionality of CareTec. Long-term tests show that limescale deposits are reduced by up to 80% on CareTec coated glass. An additional advantage: CareTec is resistant against the usual wear caused by microfibre cloths during cleaning.


About CareTec

CareTec uses a technology that was developed and characterised by SwiSS-9 in close collaboration with the Advanced Material Processing Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) in Thun, Switzerland. During application, an ultra-thin, transparent and hydrophobic protective film is created on the surface. It demonstrates long-term durability thanks to a covalent chemical bond with the glass, ceramic, porcelain, metal, or other comparable surface. The thin coating is not only water and oil-resistant, it also reduces deposits of minerals (such as limescale), dirt or soap residue on the surface. Any other surface contaminant can be easily removed, thereby restoring the function of the protective film without compromising its performance.


Renewing CareTec

To supplement the effect of the coating on your shower stall, we recommend:

  • After showering, remove any liquid on the surface of the shower stall with a glass cleaner (with no rubber). You can purchase a suitable glass cleaner on our website (the address is on the back of this brochure)
  • As far as possible, only clean the shower stall surfaces using soft cloths. The use of hard or rubber-containing materials may damage or remove the coating.
  • Please use glass cleaner for cleaning the glass.
  • Please avoid using alcohol-based cleaners, bleaching agents or cleaners containing acids or bases.

Guarantee services

Duscholux stands for quality. We therefore offer comprehensive guarantees of 2 years for shower enclosures, steam showers and whirlpools, and 5 years for shower trays and bathtubs. If you have an eligible claim for material or functional defects according to our sales and delivery conditions, we will rectify the defect, refund the reduced value or supply a replacement free of charge.
Compensation claims for direct or indirect damage are excluded, installation or removal costs are not covered. The right to claim under the guarantee starts when the stockist delivers the product (delivery date on the delivery note). The guarantee duration is unaffected by a guarantee payment. The guarantee for the original product or any replaced parts lapses when the guarantee period expires. The guarantee obligations of your plumbing supply dealer remain unaffected by this. If damage occurs to our products due to improper handling and assembly, non-adherence to the assembly and maintenance instructions, external influences (transport) or tampering, which was not carried out by a business accredited in the plumbing trade, there is no basic right to claim under the guarantee.


Wearing parts

We use exclusively high-quality materials for our products. However some components, such as plastic sealing profiles, water deflection strips, etc., are subject to ageing, and must be replaced according to frequency of use and proper care. Wear-related repairs are not subject to the guarantee.

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