See the big picture. Extensive design possibilities with PanElle Graphics.

Four modish architectural patterns, each with four different levels of transparency. This creates 16 new ways to tickle the optic nerve and activate the senses. Designed specifically with the needs of creative individuals in mind, PanElle Graphics is inspired by the latest architectural trends.

Living spaces are re-imagined as part of a total concept and the bathroom becomes an important part of it. What used to be just a place to wash has now become an oasis of tranquillity, a place for the senses. So it is not surprising that geometric shapes are increasingly incorporated in the creation of new shower walls, sinks and accessories.

With a view to the 360° shower experience, we have now taken on the walls, which occupy the largest space in the room in terms of area. For example, the proven PanElle wall cladding system has been extended with new, black & white prints to meet the expectations of increasingly design-literate customers.
The result is the following four inspiring geometrical patterns.

PanElle Graphics Übersicht	16:	PanElle Graphics Übersicht