The Collection and Allegra product worlds have grown.

Collection 3C is frameless and particularly easy to clean. The DUSCHOLUX CareTec® Pro glass coating, included as standard, in conjunction with the flush hinges reduces cleaning to a minimum. A large selection of glass designs means you can create your own unique shower.

Particular highlights for you:

  • 8 mm glass thickness creates high value.
  • Less cleaning work required, thanks to innovative coating and flush hinges.
  • Wide range of options and attractive eye-catchers, such as mirror glass.

Allegra Plus as a sliding door variant combines all the strengths of a classic with modern, simple aesthetics. Narrow, almost see-through seals increase transparency and the swing-out doors make cleaning easy. Thanks to the installation options, the Optima product world plays to its strengths in smaller spaces in particular, and enjoys a high level of popularity.

Particularly striking features:

  • Partially framed shower panel with elegant, unobtrusive wall profile.
  • Functional and proven design for challenging spaces.
  • Easier cleaning, thanks to swing-out doors.