Viva with real wood decor.

Individuality begins in the detail. This is proven by the new real wood decorative inlays for the Viva swing and sliding door. Wood is popular and currently in high demand in interior design. The natural and warm material is also being used more and more in the bathroom area.

The shower walls in the Viva product world can now be fitted with three different real wood decorative inlays. The individual grain of each piece ensures a unique product design and feel, making each shower unique. With Oak, Oak Wild White and Walnut, DUSCHOLUX now has three top-class real woods in its range, which are also widely used in furniture design. This makes it possible to develop shower walls from mere commodities into design objects. The decorative inlays are interchangeable, so this type of customisation is available for both existing and new Viva shower walls.

To ensure that the individualisation also has a positive effect and does not make the bathroom appear restless, we recommend not combining too many types of wood. It is best to make sure that you do not combine more than three different woods. These should have a certain similarity in terms of both grain and colour tone, so that the whole thing does not look restless.

Of course, real wood also goes well with a variety of colours. With Oak and Oak Wild White, a plain White comes into its own very well and blends in perfectly. The rather darker and stronger walnut brown works best with a noble red/bordeaux or a mint-coloured accent for all those who like it a little more daring.