A decommissioned cargo ship, lovingly converted into a hotel boat named Attila.

Why travel abroad when you could go on a cruise in Switzerland? Cruises on Lakes Morat, Biel and Neuchâtel in a converted cargo ship belonging to the Vully AG shipping company in Sugiez started this summer. DUSCHOLUX installed nine Viva swingdoors as part of a special-purpose installation for this extraordinary project. All of them featured a door lock and wall connection profile as well as a crossbar for enhanced stability.

The Attila Boatel can now be seen gliding alongside the southern foothills of the Jura mountains, accommodating a maximum of 18 passengers across 9 cabins. The MS Attila used to operate as a cargo ship in the North Sea before it was relocated to Sugiez in Switzerland. The name for the hotel boat based in Neuchâtel was inspired by the infamous ruler of the Huns, Attila the Hun.

Each cabin is 14 square metres in size. There is a private bathroom with shower, a TV, a sitting area, refrigerator and a comfortable double bed. To make optimum use of the space available, the shower wall has been installed in such a way that it can be opened on both sides, allowing it to be used as an entrance area. With the Viva product world, our CareTec Pro glass finishing is included as standard, which makes cleaning much easier.

Key data on the project

Customer: Reederei Vully AG

Scope of delivery: Provision and special-purpose installation of nine Viva swingdoors including measurements and delivery.

Practical advantages: DUSCHOLUX CareTec® Pro to facilitate glass cleaning process, lockable doors. Flush-mounted profile for glass mounting on wall edge

Date of implementation: April to June 2021