Gluing instead of drilling.

It is rare to find an industry segment that doesn’t use gluing in some form or other. Previously more commonly employed in the aerospace and automotive sectors, today adhesive technology is also put to good use in the non-destructive installation of shower walls. Glue is also a reliable assistant in many other areas - DIY and crafts, for example - and is very familiar to us all.

But adhesive technology is also useful in areas that may not be apparent at first glance. For example, nowadays shoes are often glued rather than stitched, while books are frequently no longer bound in the conventional sense, but rather bonded together.


  • Wall mounting without dirt and noise
  • No time-consuming drilling on hard wall tiles - no risk of cracking.
  • No damage to seals (DIN 18534)
  • Ideal for rented flats or renovations during ongoing operation
  • Rapid completion thanks to short drying time
  • Suitable for example for assembly on tiles and PanElle wall panelling

So gluing is in widespread use and highly familiar. It therefore also makes sense to start using this dependable technology when installing DUSCHOLUX shower walls. Where the installation previously required careful drilling into the tiles, today a shower wall is cleanly and silently bonded with the application surface. This also avoids the risk of chipping or cracking a tile during drilling, or penetrating the seal behind the tiles.

This new installation option is available to you right now with many products. 

  • Viva  sliding door
  • Collection 3C swing door
  • Collection 2 swing door
  • Bella Vita 3 Plus sliding door
  • Bella Vita 3 sliding door
  • Bella Vita 3 swing and pivot folding door
  • Allegra 2 swing and pivot folding door
  • Allegra Plus sliding door
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