Finally showering without wiping.

Thanks to DUSCHOLUX CareTec® Pro.

The beading effect of our shower enclosures eliminates the need to wipe down the glass after showering. This is what we promise you thanks to our CareTec® Pro glass finishing.

Scientifically sound!

Together with the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research “EMPA”, we have developed the CareTec® Pro glass finishing for you. It is applied to the glass during the production process. CareTec® Pro protects our shower enclosures even better against limescale and has an antibacterial effect. The lotus effect makes cleaning and care much easier.

Ingenious. Simple.

Our CareTec® Pro glass finishing simply rolls off limescale and dirt, reducing cleaning effort and sustainably reducing annual drinking water consumption.

Saves time.

CareTec® Pro eliminates the need to wipe down. Cleaning with a microfibre cloth every one to two weeks is sufficient, depending on the water hardness.


CareTec® Pro provides permanent protection against glass corrosion.

DUSCHOLUX CareTec® Pro glass finishing is included in a large number of our shower solutions.

When you buy a DUSCHOLUX shower enclosure, you can rely on the highest product quality, even at the basic price. By this, we mean: Limescale-free cleanliness is simply part and parcel of modern shower enclosures.

Cleaning the shower enclosure with a microfibre cloth every one to two weeks is sufficient.

Our promise to you:
5-year guarantee on the easy cleaning effect*
10 year guarantee against glass corrosion

* “Easy-to-clean“ has been defined as an industry standard as having a static contact angle of at least 70 degrees. The larger the angle, the easier the water will drip off. CareTec® Pro has a contact angle of > 100 degrees ex works. Guarantee conditions

Guaranteed cleaning friendly and environmentally friendly

Economical, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. The DUSCHOLUX CareTec® Pro glass finishing creates concrete added value in the bathroom with innovative technology. The permanently dirt-repellent surface considerably reduces the cleaning effort and eliminates the need to wipe down the glass after showering. The shower enclosure can be cleaned effortlessly without the use of cleaning agents. Depending on the hardness of the water, the use of a microfibre cloth every one to two weeks is sufficient. This results in a reduction of chemicals in the air we breathe and in the water cycle, and also saves time and money.

The innovative surface treatment removes the attack surface of limescale and dirt. DUSCHOLUX guarantees the beading effect for five years. In tests, CareTec® Pro has been certified to have a service life of well over ten years. The “easy cleaning” effect, as it is named in the industry standard, is defined by the contact angle of the water droplets. Applied directly in the factory, the glass treatment not only protects against limescale but also against corrosion, clouding of the glass due to structural changes. This makes shower enclosures coated with CareTec® Pro particularly durable.