Glass in a wide range of qualities.

Only the refraction of the light gives us the sense that there is something in front of our eyes. The solid, clear and very resistant material has been known to us from an early age. Whether as lenses or as part of the shower wall – glass is so widespread that we simply accept its positive properties without analysing this interesting material any further. So perhaps it is also surprising to know that the cost of glass products differ even though the proportion of glass is roughly the same.

The reason for this is often the varying glass quality. The untrained eye does indeed have difficulty in distinguishing between them at a glance. However, there are differences. The differences that distinguish, for example, an inexpensive shower wall from the DIY store from a qualitative brand product. So it is ultimately the little things that make the whole big. A good example is second-class glasses which has the lowest inclusions/impurities or scratches, but are often used for cheap products because of the good price-performance ratio. It is only when you look closely and in good lighting conditions that it becomes clear how first-class glasses differ from second-class glasses. It is like when the window is cleaned, the truth is revealed at the first ray of sunlight.

In contrast to manufacturers of cheap and mass products, we manufacture almost exclusively to measure. This means that our shower walls are always produced individually. Every glass is drawn to match the measurements and made to order by our glass supplier. The batch size for us rarely exceeds the number one. Cost savings due to the purchase of larger series quantities are of course lost. What remains for our customers is a precisely-fitted, made-to-measure individual piece with heart.

We are all the same when it comes to the requirements of safety glass and laminated safety glass. Even the cheapest glass producer has to verify that their glasses are pre-stressed or their safety glass is laminated with a film. Who produced the glass and under what conditions this occurred under is usually hidden from the customers with cheap products. The same applies to their recycling rate and compliance with environmental and human rights during production.

The glasses for our quality products, on the other hand, come from production sites in Europe and are certified in accordance with ISO 9001. They contain a high proportion of recycled shards for the highest possible recycling economy.